Why wildstone? In my life outside of work I enjoy making things like walls, paths and bridges from stones I find on my property. I love matching the 'wild' unique shapes of the stones together and building them into something solid, lasting and unique. There is a parallel in this in the creative development work we do for clients — we take their loose (wild) ideas and turn them into solid, tangible, original products (stones). Plus, I just love saying the word wildstone!

Got it!

Productise. Kitify. Gamify.

Transform your training and teaching ideas into engaging tangible products you can hold, play, distribute and sell.

We've been doing it for years.


Here's a few examples:

We were contracted to this multi‑million dollar federally funded project specifically to ‘productise’ and ‘gamify’ the learning programs. The Mars Lab is a high-tech resource that engages young people in the search for life on Mars and the technologies that enable that search. Students login over the internet to control real robotic rovers across a recreated Martian surface using onboard scientific instruments to search for evidence of life — just like NASA.

Working with a small project team, our role in the project included design and production of learning materials, design of web interfaces used to control the rovers, interface development for a 3D mapping application to allow students to prepare and track their investigations and hosting video conferences between school students and NASA scientists. The Mars Lab is now a permanent program at the MAAS.


We were commissioned to transform a large number of training and lesson materials into high quality sellable kits. The kits are designed to be purchased and delivered by both consultants and inhouse trainers and provide step-by-step lessons, custom videos, printed and manufactured products, games and visual workplace tools and an e-commerce website.


We are the creators of the Compatibility Communication System (or CCS cards). The CCS is a powerful tool for creating clearer communication for groups, one-on-one coaching and individual self discovery. The CCS is a kit of products centred around packs or fans of cards designed to have an immediate impact on the quality of face-to-face communication. The CCS is easy to use, research based, trusted by experts, adaptable to your needs, reliable and used all over the world.


Craig Browne is Wildstone's principal creative. Originally trained as a secondary science teacher, Craig has been inventing, designing and developing games and game-like products for more than 20 years. From Wildstone PKG he has created and designed games for toy industry majors: Mattel, Disney, Dreamworks, Freemantle Media, Crown and Andrews, University Games and Endemol.

He is the inventor of the international award-winning games, Compatibility and Sorts – the game of putting things in order. Compatibility was picked up by Mattel in 1996 and distributed in 12 countries and 5 languages. It has since sold over 500,000 copies worldwide. Sorts or Sort it out! as it is called in other countries, was awarded USA Game Of The Year in 2010, has been made into an App and has been released in 10 countries in multiple versions. Other games include: The Very Bad Game (with Andy Griffiths), Childrens Charades, Pub Trivia, adaptations of TV game shows: Deal Or No Deal, The Price is Right, Who wants to be a millionaire Hot Seat, Bert's Family Feud, The Biggest Loser, and character based games for Cars 2 and The Penguins of Madagascar.

Craig's unique combination of formal education training and international game development expertise has seen him commissioned to bring gamification strategies to improve employee and student engagement, corporate values propagation, and behavioural and organisational development across both traditional and digital platforms.


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